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Re: bin/51667

On Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 5:35 AM Robert Elz <> wrote:

> The following reply was made to PR bin/51667; it has been noted by GNATS.

> From: Robert Elz <kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost>
> To:
> Cc:
> Subject: Re: bin/51667
> Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2018 03:31:33 +0700

>   This is almost certainly because atf_check is just a shell function that
>   calls atf_fail (if the checks fail), and atf_fail is just another shell
>   which (more or less) just does exit 1.

>   ie: if the test is to fail, the shell running it exits with a "failed"

>   Unfortunately, that is the shell running atf_fail (or atf_check) - some
>   child sub-shell exiting with a failure status will only cause the correct
>   behaviour for the test if the actual shell running the test also exits.

>   In a pipeline, with /bin/sh (as allowed by posix, as it was the way the
>   original Bourne sh did things) all the processes are run in a sub-shell
>   (this is the same reason that

>          some_command | while whatever
>                  do
>                          var=foo
>                  done

>   neve results in var in the parent shell being set - the assignment
>   in the sub-shell.

>   That is, the sub-shell exits 1, causing a 1 exit status from the pipeline
>   to be 1, but beyond that, the function just keeps on running.

>   The same effect would be observed if one wanted to try

>          (atf-check -s exit:0 false)

>   false exits with status 1, the "exit:0" test fails, so the test containg
>   check should fail, but it will not, because only the sub-shell exited,
>   the one running the test.

>   I don't think there is anything that can be done about this, aside from
>   just documenting it perhaps.   The alternative would be a major
>   re-write of ATF.

>   I would suggest closing this PR as "sh*t happens, can't be avoided"

Thank you for the explanation. I got it.

I'm ok to close this PR with "won't fix" because there is a workaround.


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