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re: toolchain/53137: Non-deterministic gcc build (build fails sometimes)

matthew green writes:
> i've been using this patch, seems to work though i couldn't reproduce
> the issue myself.  i *think* it uses well defined semantics, it would
> be nice if others would confirm.
> this needs to be applied to gcc.old, and netbsd-7/8 too.  netbsd-6's
> GCC has no >1 output generators.

there was another build failure since my change, and then i saw the
failure myself just now.  i think the problem is that insn-opinit.h
is included by files many many files.  the previous fix i'm fairly
sure is a valid and good change, but it didn't fix the problem here,
which should be fixable by this:

+DPSRCS+= insn-opinit.h

in backend/Makefile.

i'll commit this when my build works (i don't expect to reproduce it
again easily.)


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