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Re: lib/53125: sys/timevar.h is absent in installed systems.

24.03.2018, 21:20, "Michael van Elst" <>:

>  Apparently it is not general purpose and hasn't been ported to NetBSD.
Yes it is. I'm trying to port
(Yes, I was using `vi` to edit and view tons of files and I'll most probably 
have nothing to edit after I port it.)
Currently, I'm stuck with this:
This patch (along with a small edit in an untracked folder that is generated 
dynamically after downloading dependencies) helped me reach that far:
I was surprised to see that including <machine/types.h> has no effect 
whatsoever but declaring those in any of the dependent files removes
errors for all the files deeper down the nesting.
As for the implicit declaration warning, I don't get it when I compile it in linux.
In fact I don't get a single error in Linux? Could it be a problem in the compiler/
gmake/cmake in pkgsrc?

24.03.2018, 21:58, "Manuel Bouyer" <>:

> You still don't explain what you want to do. _KMEMUSER use is restricted
> even in the kernel, it's in no way designed to be used in userland.

I have explained it above. It doesn't look like a bug in that application. Apparently, other 
operating systems provide access to `struct kinfo_proc` even to non _KMEMUSERs.

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