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Re: lib/53125: sys/timevar.h is absent in installed systems.

24.03.2018, 16:47, "Utkarsh Anand" <>:

> If this builds, I wouldn't need to define _KERNEL:
> #define _KMEMUSER
> #include <uvm/uvm_map.h>
> int main(){
>     return 0;
> }
> NB: vaddr_t, vsize_t etc. are defined in <machine/types.h>. Maybe including those in the files under uvm/, that need them, might help.

Actually, I don't even think it would build with _KERNEL defined, because uvm/uvm_pager.h doesn't include any file (let alone conditional inclusion) but needs to have vaddr_t. So, I'd probably get the same error even with _KERNEL defined and timevar.h present. I think including <machine/types.h> in those files should help.

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