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re: kern/53072: netbsd-8 regression: startx (nv driver) crashes system

> _KERNEL_OPT_NARCNET(0,104,c011e2a5,8,c0fff385,0,104,c0f73de5,dabefc5c,dabefc40) a
> t 0
> __kernel_end(104,0,c0f73de5,dabefc5c,c2b6ed40,6,dabefce4,dabefc50,c0947c9a,c0f73
> de5) at dabefc5c
> vpanic(c0f73de5,dabefc5c,dabefcd8,c0120935,c0f73de5,dabefce4,dabefce4,1,dabed2c0
> ,13246) at vpanic+0x131
> snprintf(c0f73de5,dabefce4,dabefce4,1,dabed2c0,13246,8,0,0,0) at snprintf
> trap_tss() at trap_tss
> --- trap via task gate ---

this is from crash(8)?  can you try gdb, see if it can trace
through the trap and where it really is happening?

this probably is some teardown issue, as it seems that X tries
and then fails, and then we crash.  can you try the vesa driver
for now, it should have a reasonably performance until we
figure this problem out.


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