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Re: toolchain/53051: __atomic_is_lock_free missing on NetBSD/sparc

On Sat, Feb 24, 2018 at 09:40:00PM +0000, David Young wrote:
>  >  Never mind, the documentation even says it out loud (thanks for someone
>  >  who read it out for me... :-))
>  >  
>  >       This built-in function returns true if objects of SIZE bytes always
>  >       generate lock-free atomic instructions for the target
>  >       architecture.  If the built-in function is not known to be
>  >       lock-free, a call is made to a runtime routine named
>  >       `__atomic_is_lock_free'.
>  That paragraph may oversimplify things a bit?  What if an object
>  is SIZE bytes but not naturally aligned?

The function is only for use with declared atomic storage. That includes
correct alignment (which is not necessarily the natural alignment).


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