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Re: kern/52915 (USB keyboard attached via xhci does not work in ddb(4))

On 01/09/18 11:10, Paul Goyette wrote:
On Tue, 9 Jan 2018, wrote:

Please test HEAD (there have been some fixes there recently) and post results
with full dmesg. Thanks.

Hmmm, I know I tested HEAD earlier, but I just tried again, and HEAD _almost_ works!

If I boot the system completely, and then enter the Ctrl+Alt+ESC magic key sequence, it enters ddb and I can enter commands.

HOWEVER, if I use 'boot netbsd -d' it enters ddb and gives a prompt, but it does NOT accept keyboard input.

Ah, that problem... aka debugger before autoconf.

Really not sure how to fix this problem.


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