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re: port-sparc/52786: Audio not working on SPARCStation20

with -current i see similar.  using audio play, at first it
claims to be spinning in system space:

load: 0.29  cmd: audioplay 6064 [0xede14bd0/1] 0.01u 12.48s 45% 1016k
load: 0.71  cmd: audioplay 6064 [0xede14bd0/1] 0.01u 67.82s 95% 1016k
[ ... ]

but 0xede14bd0 is a userland address.  at this point i tried to
login remotely again, and it locked up.  no response on ssh now.

i was able to drop into ddb, but the audioplay thread has no
stack trace in the kernel.


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