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Re: bin/52735: Remove fortune quotes attributed to or providing admiration of Adolf Hitler

>It has come to my attention that FreeBSD has removed fortunes quoted
>from Adolf Hitler a few days ago. I was very surprised that there
>actually were such quotes!
>Then soon after that they went a bit overboard and removed basically all
>fortune cookies:
>I checked our fortune cookies database, and I was appalled to notice
>that we do have the same quotes there. Apart from those quotes being
>wholly inappropriate in a list of funny quotes, they are probably
>illegal in Germany (where I now happen to live).
>I hereby propose to remove them (but not remove all fortunes).
>$ fortune -m Hitler all

How about:

    fortune -m Stalin all

and you happened to move to Ukraine next year?

Where does this stop? These people existed and erasing their quotes from
the fortunes does not change that. What's next, burning all the books
that they wrote? Will that rewrite history? Will that help avoiding the
same mistakes in the future?

You either follow through to the logical conclusion that FreeBSD did,
(remove all fortunes), or leave things alone. They've been that way for
almost 40 years.


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