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Re: bin/52687: can't suppress warnings from /bin/sh

On Nov 1, 12:15pm, ( wrote:
-- Subject: Re: bin/52687: can't suppress warnings from /bin/sh

|  I was hinted at this, which works:
|  (nonexistent) 2>/dev/null
|  And I am redirecting nonexistent's stderr.

This is by design; 

    nonexistent 2> /dev/null

Means redirect file descriptor 2 of the child process.  The shell
tries to execute the child process (after redirection is done),
fails and prints the error message. You need to redirect fd 2 of
the shell. To do this you either need to capture fd 2 of another
shell (the subshell solution above) or:

    $ exec 3>&2 2> /dev/null
    exec 2>&3


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