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re: kern/52526: Panic on "ifconfig athn0 down"

> >>    #7  0xc0392a46 in usb_transfer_complete (xfer=xfer@entry=0xc2867624) at /bracket/prod/current/src/sys/dev/usb/usbdi.c:941
> Can you print the whole xfer from here, please?

hmm, i wonder if this is:

941         pipe->up_methods->upm_done(xfer);

and the up_methods happens to be xhci_device_isoc_methods:

232 static const struct usbd_pipe_methods xhci_device_isoc_methods = {
233         .upm_cleartoggle = xhci_noop,
234 };

ie, does not set upm_done member.


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