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Re: misc/52344: editline ^W mis-behaviour?

On Jun 26,  7:45pm, (bch) wrote:
-- Subject: misc/52344: editline ^W mis-behaviour?

| Architecture: x86_64
| Machine: amd64
| >Description:
| 	^W (control-w) appears to be working like ^U, deleting entire line
| instead of expected single previous word
| >How-To-Repeat:
| 	type some stuff in NetBSD /bin/sh, with spaces to create word tokens.
| Be at EOL, type ^W, witness entire line disappear instead of single
| previous word disappearing.

This is because you are using emacs bindings and C-w in emacs bindings
is 'kill-region' (which you can see by "M-xbind\n"). You can rebind
this as you want... On vi, C-w works as expected because it is bound
to "ed-delete-prev-word". You can do the same in emacs by typing:
"M-Xbind ^W ed-delete-prev-word\n". Unfortunately due to a bug I just
fixed, you cant put that command in $HOME/.editrc and have it work...
But if you cvs update and install, you can :-)


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