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Re: kern/52074: -current npf map directive broken

Hi Roy and all!

On 05/11/17 11:47, Roy Marples wrote:
Hi Frank On 10/05/2017 10:11, Frank Kardel wrote:
On 05/10/17 00:45, Robert Elz wrote:
Date: Sun, 07 May 2017 23:07:42 +0200 From: Frank Kardel <> Message-ID: <> | From what I understand this code originally attempted to avoid sending | from invalid/unusable local address (e. g. duplicate IP - error, | tentative and detached should just be dropped). You also shouldn't be able to send from an address you don't own (generally - a router has to be able to forward, as distinct from originate, packets from anywhere of course).
You are correct - in this case (52074) we are looking at both aspects - the local machine and the router/NAT box. It is *not* about originating packets from anywhere. It is about redirecting packets for non local targets to a locally existing proxy.
I agree with Robert, we shouldn't be sending packets on the wire from an address we don't own. But you're not sending on the wire are you?
See kre@'s comment. He described it.The local addres gets replaced with the remote address we proxied for.
I think a check to satisfy us all would be to test for IP_FORWARDING on the packet or IFF_LOOPBACK on the outgoing interface - if either are true we can skip address validation.
The IFF_LOOPBACK property is of no use here. What counts is that the redirect is to a local address to masquerade a remote address. Any local address used for redirect would trigger the issue as the packet filter puts back the original remote address and that's violating the assumption
the we must use local addresses on locally generated packets.
Thoughts? Roy
I think the solution is much simpler (as I mentioned before).

If we actually take look at ip_output we see roughly following processing steps:
 1) insert ip options
 2) create IP header unless forwarding or raw output
 3) handle routing (choose output interface)
4) if no source address is set, use the interface address of the outgoing interface
 5) handle IPSEC
 6) run packet filter
7) check whether we are sending from a valid local address (our discussion point)
 8) do xmit accounting
9) handle TSO offloading or packet not needing fragmentation and output via interface -> done
10) handle checksum offloading/calculation
11) handle fragmentation output fragmented packets
12) finalize

During 1...5 the assumption/requirement that non IP_FORWARDING packets must originate from local addresses holds. Number 6 breaks this assumption in case of a redirected remote address to a local address. There the test in 7 relies on a requirement that cannot be guaranteed after packet filter NAT operations.

Moving ia pickup and !IP_FORWARDING local address check from 7 to 5a will achieve what we want (guard against from invalid local addresses). Also IFA accounting would correctly measure bytes-sent at the right local address involved in the redirect scenario.

I am currently running a check on local address violations before the packet filter call. The invariant that 1..5 follow the local address requirement holds so far. Traffic processed is: normal connections, ipsec transport/NATT, some multicast.

Can somebody verify that strategy as a correct solution?

NB: the current fix has the drawback of at least miscounting output bytes and missing some local checks.


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