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Re: kern/52074: -current npf map directive broken

The following reply was made to PR kern/52074; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Frank Kardel <>
Subject: Re: kern/52074: -current npf map directive broken
Date: Sun, 07 May 2017 11:51:12 +0200

 Debugging this further the analysis is:
 Given a map:
 map <some if> dynamic port 25 <- port 25 
 ( is not a local interface address)
 Following happens:
 1) packet arrives on interface (a.b.c.d:x ->
 2) NAT assoc gets creates
 3) packet gets NATed (=> a.b.c.d:x ->
 4) packet gets entered in syn_cache
 5) syn_cache attempts to send SYN,ACK response ( -> 
 a.b.c.d:x) via ip_output()
 6) ip_output calls pfil_hooks (->NPF)
 7) NPF find nat assoc
 8) SYN,ACK packet gets reverse NATed ( -> a.b.c.d:x)
 9) ip_output tries for find the interface adress (ia) for and 
 10) ip_output fumbles badly at ip_output:1.276:620 and declares the 
 packet coming from an invalid address(ip_ifaddrvalid(NULL))
 11) confusion commences from here on
 In ip_ouput ia is only used for interface transfer statistics and a 
 sanity check after pfil_run_hooks().
 ia will/must be NULL when non local source addresses are in the packet.
 The condition in 620 currently is (see if()):
      ia = in_get_ia_psref(ip->ip_src, &psref_ia);
      /* Ensure we only send from a valid address. */==>
      if ((ia != NULL || (flags & IP_FORWARDING) == 0) && <<<<!
          (error = ip_ifaddrvalid(ia)) != 0)
              "refusing to send from invalid address %s (pid %d)\n",
              ARPLOGADDR(ip->ip_src), curproc->p_pid);
          if (error == 1)
               * Address exists, but is tentative or detached.
               * We can't send from it because it's invalid,
               * so we drop the packet.
              error = 0;
              error = EADDRNOTAVAIL;
          goto bad;
 Proposed fix is to replace the || inf the if with && as this also seems 
 to have been the original intention by the author.

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