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Re: kern/52117: ptrace(2) PTRACE_FORK fails on some platforms

Can you please describe this better?

What are the steps to reproduce the issue? Which part of the atf test
output is relevant to this PR?

After digging through the source I guess you have to do:

cd /usr/tests/kernel
atf-run t_ptrace_waitpid

and watch :

tc-start: 1490688009.793401, signal6
tc-so:Before forking process PID=2969
tc-so:Before calling PT_TRACE_ME from child 2722
tc-so:Parent process PID=2969, child's PID=2722
tc-so:Before calling waitpid() for the child
tc-so:Before raising Stopped (signal) from child
tc-so:Enable PTRACE_FORK in EVENT_MASK for the child 2722
tc-so:Before resuming the child process where it left off and without signal to be sent
tc-so:Before calling waitpid() for the child

[.. long pause untill timeout..]

and a fixed kernel would not pause here?


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