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Re: kern/52111: wmX i82574L inoperative in monoprocessor mode (i386)


On 2017/03/27 18:25, Kengo NAKAHARA wrote:
>  On 2017/03/27 17:42, Martin Husemann wrote:
>  > On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 11:27:17AM +0900, Kengo NAKAHARA wrote:
>  >> Hmm...., It is strange to me that wm(4) use two TX and RX interrupts on
>  >> uniprocessor system.

kardel@n.o send dmesg to me with individually mail. The dmesg has two bootup
records, that is,
    - If "boot -1", wm(4) use one TX and RX interrupt
    - If boot normal, wm(4) use two TX and RX interrupt

These are what I expected. I think it would be copy&paste miss that
two TX and RX interrupts when "boot -1".

And then, I try to reproduce this problem, but I cannot yet. I use
NetBSD-current(at 2017/03/28 GENERIC) i386 with 82574, ping(8) with
"ip address" works well in the environment. I think kardel@n.o use
custom kernel, so I try to reproduce with kernel enabled GATEWAY option.
however this problem is not reproduced either.

kardel@n.o, could you tell your kernel configuration(if there is
modification from GENERIC other than GATEWAY), your machine
setting(e.g. additional sysctl operation), and detail reproduction


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