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Re: kern/52056: mount -u / causes a kernel assertion

>  This is more than possible.  Martin does:
>  -> mount -u /          "Change root from read-only,no-log to no-log"
>  -> edit file           "This will bdwrite() and leave buffers B_DELWRI"
>  -> exit singleuser
>  -> /etc/rc.d/root      "Change root from no-log to log"
>  We now have buffers marked BO_DELWRI without B_LOCKED.
>  This has nothing to do with my recent changes.
>  We have to either:
>  - Remove the assertion and have wapbl_add_buf() pick up these buffers.
>  - Deny no-log to log transitions while read-write.

I'll look if we can deny the transition, or make sure that pending
blocks are synced first.

I noticed that rev. 1.344 of ffs_vfsops.c removed a ffs_fsync() call -
could that change perhaps have changed the behaviour?

Some volunteer for checking why the -u doesn't work as advertized?


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