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re: lib/51572: curses memory leak(s) appearing in systat

matthew green writes:
> >  On 11/29 10:15, coypu%SDF.ORG@localhost wrote:
> >  > 
> >  > Could it be pulled up to -7-0 too?
> >  
> >  Doesn't meet the criteria for netbsd-7-0 (security/critical only), but
> >  this is certainly a good candidate for netbsd-7.
> if this is the reason mtr has a massive memory leak then i would
> perhaps argue that it *is* important enough.
> i left mtr running overnight and it leaked so much it eventually
> used over 30GB of VA and triggered my X server being killed, so
> it was a pretty severe end result -- it could be sshd or postfix
> or something else killed on a server, with less obviousness.
> i'll try to see if this is the problem with mtr itself.

so - i'm pretty sure this was mtr's problem as well.  i would
like for this fix to be considered 'critical'.



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