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Re: bin/51331: cdrom will not mount after first time

The following reply was made to PR bin/51331; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: scole_mail <>
Subject: Re: bin/51331: cdrom will not mount after first time
Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2016 12:56:20 -0700

 Sorry I haven't responded earlier, I've been on travel.  I think the
 feedback asked for was
   >  You could also test this more by ejecting using the button on the drive,
   >  rather than the command - if you can still mount the cd after ejecting
   >  and reloading that way, I suspect we will have understood the problem,
   >  and only need a suitable patch to clear PERIPH_MEDIA_LOADED at appropriate
   >  places.
 open door with button                   ok
 insert cd & close door with button      ok
 eject cd with button                    ok
 close door with button and cd           ok
 mount cd0a                              ok
 umount /dev/cd0a                        ok
 try to eject with button		fails
 "eject cdrom"                           ok
 insert cdrom with button	        ok
 try to mount	                        fails
 eject cdrom with button			works
 In summary, I can't eject the cdrom with the button after the first
 The button will open and close the cdrom door fine until the cdrom has
 been mounted.
 After the cdrom has been mounted, then umounted, only an "eject" command
 will open door.  The button will not work at this point.
 Once the cdrom is then ejected with a "eject" command (after first
 mount), it can no longer be mounted:
  mount_cd9660: /dev/cd0a on /cdrom: Device not configured
 After the first mount/umount/eject-command sequence, the button and
 eject command will still both open & close the door (before rebooting).
 I cannot mount the cdrom a 2nd time after the first mount/umount.
 Hope this helps

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