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Re: port-amd64/51279: bootxx_ffsv2 hangs

Thanks for all the replies so far!

>>> (In general bootxx_ffsv1 won't work on an ffsv2, either, so I'm sort
>>> of surprised the usb stick can read the volume...)
>> The v1 vs. v2 is only about the boot sector reading /boot, which is already
>> full done at the point you get the prompt. And /boot should be able to
>> work with various file system types.

It makes no difference if bootxx_ffsv1 or v2 is used. Both give the same result.

>> Can you please verify you have /boot on your hard disk?
> excellent point.

I do have a /boot, the same as on the install image.

I tried the /boot from 7.0.1 (as that’s what is on the USB stick that does boot), and it does not work either.


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