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Re: standards/51044: NetBSD cdefs.h defines __func__ incompatibly with C99

On Tue, Apr 05, 2016 at 01:45:01PM +0000, Bruce Lilly wrote:
>  Anybody compiling with gcc or (ostensibly) gcc-compatible compilers who
>  cares about __func__ with pre-C99 code is probably already using the
>  documented gcc work-around, and doesn't need to have cdefs.h foul that up.

It doesn't, if your code is well written. Defining anything in the
implementation namespace before including system headers is undefined
behavior. If you do it afterwards, it will just work or at worse, you
will have to #undef __func__ first to avoid warnings. That's perfectly

>  Clang also has an issue w/ incompatibility with gcc, and that has been
>  reported as clang/llvm bug #27189.

I don't see any bug in that either.


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