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Re: port-arm/50563: pool allocator corruption due to __MUTEX_PRIVATE

On Dec 15,  5:05pm, (Frank Zerangue) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: port-arm/50563: pool allocator corruption due to __MUTEX_PRIV

|  Yes, that is the case.=20
|  What is the need to define two different structs with the same name
|  based upon which kernel file that happened to include it, as in this
|  case struct kmutex? Two source files that share a type should have the
|  same view of the type, yes?
|  We can guard this with the CTASSERT as you suggested below, but if they
|  have to be 8 bits why defined them as a types ipl_cookie_t and
|  _cpu_simple_lock_t, why not rather just defined them as 8 bit ints or
|  char?

Because if we did, the result would be even worse if the size of those
types changed. You would end up storing truncated versions of them in
the struct since C does not by default warn you about size mismatches
in assignments. I think that the better solution is to add the CTASSERT
so that one is notified that something needs to change...


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