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Re: pending-pullups

jnemeth@ wrote:

> } > } Adding a new status is still fine, though I just wonder if
> } > } the additional states/tasks are appropriate for the benefit,
> } > } than just adding a new similar meaning to the existing state.
> } > 
> } >      This would just be confusing.
> } 
> } Really?  Currently there are only 18 pending-pullups and
>      This is a good thing since it means that releng is on top of
> the pullup queue.

Even it will grow ~100, it's still easier to sweep them before release
than preparing new mechanism, IMO.

> } the number won't be so large.
>      Putting PRs in pending-pullup state without an associated req
> ticket could cause the number of PRs in pending-pullup state to
> balloon.

I doubt adding a new state reduce balloons.
Developers are so lazy that we have tons of "open" balloons
which should be changed to other existing states.

> } Anyway, releng should make amake a decision, IMO.
>      As has been explained earlier in this thread, releng DOES NOT
> maintain gnats.  In other words, this has nothing to do with releng.
> Stop trying to push extra work on them.

It looks your goal is to make gnats status better.
My motivation is considering "how we can make releases better."
If gnats won't help releases, this discussion is over.

Izumi Tsutsui

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