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Re: PR 49430

On Nov 22,  7:35pm, ( wrote:
-- Subject: PR 49430

Sorry, I did not notice this before... There is a bug here, but it is
in opendisk(3) and since it is documented, it is not really a bug.

Now what's going on is that you named you parameter file for cgd0
"cgd0" which is ok. But then what happens is that cgdconfig cd's in
/etc/cgd and in line 14 it sees "cgd0" and runs opendisk on it. Since
it finds the file "cgd0" there, it opens that instead of the device
/dev/cgd0d and so when it runs ioctl to configure it, it fails.
If you change the line to read /dev/cgd0 instead of cgd0 or the
params file cgd0.params instead of cgd0 things should work.

But don't close the PR because:
1. I don't know what business has cgdconfig running chdir(2); seems bogus
   to me.
2. The error message from cgdconfig should not lose the information about
   why the action failed in the first place and should communicate it to
   the user.


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