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Re: xsrc/50429: Xserver fails to start on Ultra-5 and NetBSD/sparc64 7.0

> [   297.885] (EE) Unable to map mmio aperture. Invalid argument (22)
> [   297.887] (EE) Unable to map mmio aperture. Invalid argument (22)

That's the failure, and this...

> [   296.972] (--) PCI:*(1:1:2:0) 1002:4754:0000:0000 rev 154, Mem @
> 0xe1000000/16777216, 0x00000000/4096, I/O @ 0x00000000/256, BIOS @
> 0x????????/131072

... seems to be the cause, the MMIO aperture is either not configured
or not implemented by hardware - I've seen both on Sun hardware. This
appears to be a Rage II, so it's not implemented. The driver *should*
fall back to using the I/O aperture, which may or may not work
correctly either, at 0x0. Failing that, it should use the register
mapping in the main aperture. Something in that logic is apparently
Please post the card's pcictl dump output and ( assuming you're using
machfb ) the machfb output from dmesg.

> XAA is obsolete in current Xorg version?

No, not in 7.0 and not yet in -current.
The failure seems to happen before either XAA or EXA could take over.

The Rage II in my beige G3 ( which has no MMIO aperture ) works fine,
although that's -current. I have a 2MB Rage II with Sun firmware
somewhere, let me dig it up and see if I can reproduce the failure.

have fun

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