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Re: port-i386/50405: NetBSD 5x boots and runs, but 6x and 7x both i386 and amd64 fail to boot Chromebook HP14

On Nov 4,  3:20pm, (Petr Topiarz z Mnichovic) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: port-i386/50405: NetBSD 5x boots and runs, but 6x and 7x both

|  >   | 1. Chromebook HP 14 has intel CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) 2955U @ 1.40GHz. Installers 5x,6x, and 7x will stop (and some panic) in the middle of boot of i386. For amd64 it will not even load the kernel.
|  >   | 2. If I install it on another machine and then boot on HP chromebook 14, NetBSD version 5.2.3 will boot and run well. Even the X starts ok.
|  >   | 3. Other NetBSD versions like 6.0, 6.1 and 7.0 on i386 will never finish booting.
|  >   | 4. All amd64 versions (5.2, 6.0, 6.1,7.0) behave as if the CPU was not amd64 capable. (however linux and openbsd 64bit work flawlessly)
|  >   | 5. I have screenshots, that can help better. Where can I send it?
|  >   | >How-To-Repeat:
|  >   | Put installation media into externeal cdrom and start booting chromebook HP 14.
|  >   | Put installed netbsd hard disk into chromebook HP 14 and start booting.
|  >   
|  >   Put them anywhere, and add URL's to them here. If you need space to host them,
|  >   let me know.
|  >   
|  >   christos
|  >   
|  OK, here they are:

Thank you very much!

1. Can you type 't' at the debugger prompt to get a backtrace and post that.
2. Looks like it is ACPI related, can you disable ACPI and try to boot?
3. You are booting and i386 kernel that's why you are only seeing this as
   an i386. Can you try booting the amd64 kernel from the amd64 port?
4. Can you look if there is a bios upgrade for your machine? It might fix
   the ACPI problem.

Anyway, the backtrace will be helpful figuring out why it crashes.



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