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Re: kern/50060: kernel crash with i915drmksm on Intel 965Q

   Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2015 09:51:39 +0300
   From: Andreas Gustafsson <>

   agp0: can't find MMIO registers

This is where the real problem is happening.  Fixing the error
branches, as christos@ has been doing, is all well and good, but they
won't help to make the thing work.  This is in agp_i810_attach in
sys/dev/pci/agp_i810.c, which is a twisty maze of intermingled
device-specific logic.  I have the data sheets if anyone wants to take
a closer look.

Can you show `pcictl pci0 dump -b 0 -d 0 -f 2'?

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