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Re: bin/50176: make(1) prerequisite not assigned to target if

Martin Husemann <> wrote:
 | Can you please provide a simple makefile (using cat/echo/touch or
 | similar basic tools) to demonstrate the issue?
 | I can not see from your original report why the compiler is not seeing
 | mime_types.h and which files are actually there/where (and especially
 | in what work dir this happens and where the source lives).

Yes sure.  Sorry, my old box was compromised (at least via
Firefox, stupid me) and i had to rotate keys+ and move to a new
box, the first in over six years, am still not fully setup etc.


mkdir x || exit 1
cd x || exit 2
echo '#include "hf.h"' > cf.c
cat > <<'_EOT'
OBJ_SRC = ./cf.c
OBJ = $(OBJ_SRC:.c=.o)
.SUFFIXES: .o .c .y
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(INCS) -c $(<)
.c .y: ;
all: $(OBJ)
cf.o: hf.h
	echo '#include <stdlib.h>' > hf.h
	rm -f $(OBJ) hf.h
< sed -e 1d | (echo OBJ_SRC = cf.c; cat) >
echo explicit relative CWD
make -f
make -f clean
echo implicit relative CWD
make -f
make -f clean
cd ..
rm -rf x || exit 3

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