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Re: misc/50095: Can't find EOL information

On Jul 27, 11:15pm, wrote:
} >Number:         50095
} >Category:       misc
} >Synopsis:       Can't find EOL information
} >Arrival-Date:   Mon Jul 27 23:15:01 +0000 2015
} >Originator:     Brian Martin
} >Release:        4.0.1
} >Organization:
} Tenable Network Security
} >Environment:
} >Description:
} Apologies for using this form, but the general feedback CGI was
} complaining the message was blank, when it was not. Ben Gergely
} recommended I use this form via Twitter, or the security contacts.
} Since this isn't a security issue, I am opting for this.
} The issue: Tenable is trying to determine the End-Of-Life policy
} for NetBSD, or a list of dates when versions are/will become EOL.
} Up to version 4.0 can be found via netbsd-announce, but since
} then it doesn't appear there have been subsequent ones. Version
} 4.0.1 was released 2008-10-14 which was some time ago, leading
} us to believe it may be EOL.
} Can you point us to a policy or source of information? Our
} customers rely on our vulnerability scanner to notify them of
} EOL operating systems that are not receiving security patches,
} and we would like to have accurate checks for all versions of
} NetBSD.

     I don't have a link handy for you, but the general rule is
that the current release train and the prior release train are
supported.  Since the current release train is 6.x, this means that
4.<anything> is EOL.

}-- End of excerpt from

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