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Re: misc/50046

Christos Zoulas wrote:

> Can you please test the stdbuf change I posted on tech-userlevel
> (compile and re-install libc), together with adding:
> export STDBUF0=L
> export STDBUF1=L
> export STDBUF2=L
> in the beginning of rc and reverting rc and rc.subr to pre-pinger
> changes?

I did some test runs today on an Amiga 1200, 68030/40MHz with 64MB. The
multiuser boot process takes here 8 minutes and 44 seconds, which was less
than half the time with NetBSD 6.

In the first tests I reverted /etc/rc to 1.167, but left the _rc_pid
definition in line 87 in. Otherwise booting will hang (it is needed by
rc.subr). Results ("new clib" includes your stdbuf changes):

old clib: 7:00 min.
new clib: 6:57 min.
new clib with STDBUFn=L: 6:58 min.
new clib with STDBUFn=U: 7:01 min.

The stdbuf change doesn't make a big difference here. But removing the "nop"
pinger code is already noticable.

In the next tests I reverted /etc/rc to 1.167 and /etc/rc.subr to 1.93, as
suggested by Arto Huusko:

old clib: 3:44 min.
new clib: 3:38 min.

So I can confirm that reverting /etc/rc.subr is the key. Would be great to
find a solution here.

Frank Wille

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