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port-arm32/50056: NetBSD is not booting in 2G DDR memory

>Number:         50056
>Category:       port-arm32
>Synopsis:       NetBSD is not booting in 2G DDR memory
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       critical
>Priority:       high
>Responsible:    port-arm32-maintainer
>State:          open
>Class:          support
>Submitter-Id:   net
>Arrival-Date:   Fri Jul 17 06:30:00 +0000 2015
>Originator:     Senthil K
>Release:        NetBSD 5.1
Linux login-maa-104 2.6.18-194.32.1.el5PAE #1 SMP Wed Jan 5 18:43:13 EST 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

Problem Description : 

We moved the 1G DDR to 2G DDR in custom board. The custom board SOC is BROADCOM BCM56340 + ARM Cortex A9 inbuilt processor.

NETBSD Kernel was booted fine when the DDR size is 1G But we we moved to 2G DDR and Now the NETBSD KERNEL is not booting and its hanged with the ERROR message :

switching to new L1 page table @0x63744000...TTBR0=0x6374405b OK
panic: pmap_alloc_specials: no l2b for 0xc0000000
initarm: Configuring system, CLIDR=1110000003 CTR=0x83338003 PMUSERSR=0
 MEMSIZE from UBOOT=0x80000000
arm32_bootmem_init: memstart=0x60000000, memsize=0x80000000, kernelstart=0x60100000
arm32_bootmem_init: kernelend=0x63743000
arm32_bootmem_init: adding 510141 free pages: [0x63743000..0xdfffffff] (VA 0x83743000)
arm32_bootmem_init: adding 256 free pages: [0x60000000..0x600fffff] (VA 0x80000000)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: 14 L2 pages are needed to map 0x376b000 kernel bytes
arm32_kernel_vm_init: allocating page tables for kerneladd_pages: adding pv 0x82bad928 (pa 0x63743000, va 0x83743000, 1 pages) at tail
add_pages: appending pv 0x83587da8 (0x63744000..0x63747fff) to 0x63743000..0x63743fff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372a9cc (0x63748000..0x63748fff) to 0x63743000..0x63747fff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372a9e0 (0x63749000..0x63749fff) to 0x63743000..0x63748fff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372a9f4 (0x6374a000..0x6374afff) to 0x63743000..0x63749fff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372aa08 (0x6374b000..0x6374bfff) to 0x63743000..0x6374afff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372aa1c (0x6374c000..0x6374cfff) to 0x63743000..0x6374bfff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372aa30 (0x6374d000..0x6374dfff) to 0x63743000..0x6374cfff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372aa44 (0x6374e000..0x6374efff) to 0x63743000..0x6374dfff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372aa58 (0x6374f000..0x6374ffff) to 0x63743000..0x6374efff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372aa6c (0x63750000..0x63750fff) to 0x63743000..0x6374ffff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372aa80 (0x63751000..0x63751fff) to 0x63743000..0x63750fff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372aa94 (0x63752000..0x63752fff) to 0x63743000..0x63751fff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372aaa8 (0x63753000..0x63753fff) to 0x63743000..0x63752fff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372aabc (0x63754000..0x63754fff) to 0x63743000..0x63753fff
 vmadd_pages: appending pv 0x8372aad0 (0x63755000..0x63755fff) to 0x63743000..0x63754fff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372aae4 (0x63756000..0x63756fff) to 0x63743000..0x63755fff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372aaf8 (0x63757000..0x63757fff) to 0x63743000..0x63756fff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372ab0c (0x63758000..0x63758fff) to 0x63743000..0x63757fff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372ab20 (0x63759000..0x63759fff) to 0x63743000..0x63758fff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372ab34 (0x6375a000..0x6375afff) to 0x63743000..0x63759fff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372ab48 (0x6375b000..0x6375bfff) to 0x63743000..0x6375afff
add_pages: appending pv 0x8372ab5c (0x6375c000..0x6375cfff) to 0x63743000..0x6375bfff
arm32_kernel_vm_init: allocating stacks
add_pages: appending pv 0x83587c34 (0x6375d000..0x6375dfff) to 0x63743000..0x6375cfff
add_pages: appending pv 0x83587b98 (0x6375e000..0x6375efff) to 0x63743000..0x6375dfff
add_pages: appending pv 0x83587bd8 (0x6375f000..0x6375ffff) to 0x63743000..0x6375efff
add_pages: appending pv 0x83587c54 (0x63760000..0x63760fff) to 0x63743000..0x6375ffff
add_pages: appending pv 0x83587c04 (0x63761000..0x63762fff) to 0x63743000..0x63760fff
add_pages: appending pv 0x83587bb0 (0x63763000..0x63764fff) to 0x63743000..0x63762fff
add_pages: appending pv 0x82bad99c (0x63765000..0x63765fff) to 0x63743000..0x63764fff
Creating L1 page table at 0x63744000
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x83743000, PA 0x63743000) for VA 0x80000000 (kernel)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x83748000, PA 0x63748000) for VA 0x80400000 (kernel)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x83749000, PA 0x63749000) for VA 0x80800000 (kernel)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x8374a000, PA 0x6374a000) for VA 0x80c00000 (kernel)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x8374b000, PA 0x6374b000) for VA 0x81000000 (kernel)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x8374c000, PA 0x6374c000) for VA 0x81400000 (kernel)
                                                                                                arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x8374d000, PA 0x6374d000) for VA 0x81800000 (kernel)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x8374e000, PA 0x6374e000) for VA 0x81c00000 (kernel)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x8374f000, PA 0x6374f000) for VA 0x82000000 (kernel)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x83750000, PA 0x63750000) for VA 0x82400000 (kernel)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x83751000, PA 0x63751000) for VA 0x82800000 (kernel)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x83752000, PA 0x63752000) for VA 0x82c00000 (kernel)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x83753000, PA 0x63753000) for VA 0x83000000 (kernel)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x83754000, PA 0x63754000) for VA 0x83400000 (kernel)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x83755000, PA 0x63755000) for VA 0xc0000000 (vm)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x83756000, PA 0x63756000) for VA 0xc0400000 (vm)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x83757000, PA 0x63757000) for VA 0xc0800000 (vm)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x83758000, PA 0x63758000) for VA 0xc0c00000 (vm)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x83759000, PA 0x63759000) for VA 0xc1000000 (vm)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x8375a000, PA 0x6375a000) for VA 0xc1400000 (vm)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x8375b000, PA 0x6375b000) for VA 0xc1800000 (vm)
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding L2 pt (VA 0x8375c000, PA 0x6375c000) for VA 0xc1c00000 (vm)
Mapping kernel
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding chunk for kernel text 0x60100000..0x610befff (VA 0x80100000)
add_pages: adding pv 0x82bad914 (pa 0x60100000, va 0x80100000, 4031 pages) before pa 0x63743000
arm32_kernel_vm_init: adding chunk for kernel data/bss 0x610bf000..0x63742fff (VA 0x810bf000)
add_pages: appending pv 0x82bad974 (0x610bf000..0x63742fff) to 0x60100000..0x610befff
add_pages: merging pv 0x82bad928 (0x63743000..0x63765fff) to 0x60100000..0x63742fff
Listing Chunks
arm32_kernel_vm_init: pv 0x82bad914: chunk VA 0x80100000..0x83765fff (PA 0x60100000, prot 3, cache 1)

Mapping Chunks
arm32_kernel_vm_init: mapping last chunk VA 0x80000000..0xffffffff (PA 0x60000000, prot 3, cache 1)
                             Physical              Virtual        Num
                       Starting    Ending    Starting    Ending   Pages
               SDRAM: 0x60000000 0xdfffffff 0x80000000 0xffffffff 524288
        text section: 0x60100000 0x610befff 0x80100000 0x810befff 4031
        data section: 0x610c0000 0x62bad200 0x810c0000 0x82bad200 6894
         bss section: 0x62bad200 0x63742f0c 0x82bad200 0x83742f0c 2966
   L1 page directory: 0x63744000 0x63747fff 0x83744000 0x83747fff 4
   ABT stack (CPU 0): 0x6375d000 0x6375dfff 0x8375d000 0x8375dfff 1
   FIQ stack (CPU 0): 0x6375e000 0x6375efff 0x8375e000 0x8375efff 1
   IRQ stack (CPU 0): 0x6375f000 0x6375ffff 0x8375f000 0x8375ffff 1
   UND stack (CPU 0): 0x63760000 0x63760fff 0x83760000 0x83760fff 1

 IDLE stack (CPU 0): 0x63761000 0x63762fff 0x83761000 0x83762fff 2
           SVC stack: 0x63763000 0x63764fff 0x83763000 0x83764fff 2
      Message Buffer: 0x63765000 0x63765fff 0x83765000 0x83765fff 1
         Free Memory: 0x63766000 0xdfffffff                       510106
         Free Memory: 0x60000000 0x600fffff                       256
switching to new L1 page table @0x63744000...TTBR0=0x6374405b OK
panic: pmap_alloc_specials: no l2b for 0xc0000000
Begin traceback...
0x82bad90c: 0x2


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