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Re: bin/50045: wpa_supplicant unreliable, dropping connections

 Perhaps renewal of security associations is timing out because of delays
 caused by buffer bloat in the driver?  That might be worth a look.  Does
 latency (measured by a ping) get very high?

Yes it used to happen, I remember seeing ping responses up to 1900ms instead of usual ~22ms. However, today, what I get is just a *skip* of ping sequences until I break (^C) the process requesting to much traffic. For example skipping ping probes from 510 to 523:
64 bytes from x.x.x.x: icmp_seq=509 ttl=56 time=22.900188 ms
64 bytes from x.x.x.x: icmp_seq=524 ttl=56 time=22.311495 ms

uname -a:
NetBSD Host-001 7.99.19 NetBSD 7.99.19 (GENERIC.201507090800Z) #0: Thu Jul 9 08:50:21 UTC 2015 amd64

When I break the pkg_add process fetching the binary from a near mirror, the ping probes now resume! So the WPA supplicant seems to be rather more self-healing in -current. Are there actually changes since 7.0_RC1 and current 2015-07-09? As far as I can remember this didn't happen before so I can only assume it's related to my userland upgrade. For the pings being skipped instead of getting high response time, however, I don't know.


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