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Re: kern/49115

On Jun 10, 11:48pm, (Vicente Chaves de Melo) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: kern/49115

| Hello Kamil
| I created the following patch to NetBSD7
| based OpenBSD 
| Revision 1.20 that contains the following description
| "It seems that there is new and old revision of CH340.
| Previous uchcom(4) driver targeted old one, and new one could not work
| because of uchcom_set_line_control() broke the value of
| UCHCOM_REG_LCR1(0x18).
| To support new CH340, uchcom_set_line_control() and uchcom_reset_chip()
| have been overhauled. Current uchcom(4) does not change the value of
| UCHCOM_REG_LCR1 register, it means even/odd parity mode is no longer
| supported with old CH340."

Yes, but it looks like the new driver uses more magic values. Perhaps
there is a way to reverse engineer what's going on and make it work
properly for both.


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