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Re: kern/49115

On 10.06.2015 18:49, Vicente Chaves de Melo wrote:
> Hi Kamil,
> sorry to intrude but you managed to solve this problem?
> I believe I have exactly the same USB-Serial converter described in this
> PR.
> And I couldn't make it work with NetBSD7 + tip, although run smoothly
> with OpenBSD 5.7 + tip, Linux + minicom and even with Windows + putty .
> In advance, thank you very much for your attention.

I ran out of time to test it on others than NetBSD platforms. I had
problems with Linux as well and switched to other serial.

If you like you can take this problem and backport OpenBSD enhancements
and I will test them.

When I will get a free metal to install there OpenBSD I will test it there.

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