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re: kern/49290: DRMKMS fails to work with R300

this problem has been diagnosed:

	- i386 GENERIC has attachments for wsdisplay at both vga(4)
	  and pcdisplay(4), and this attaches before drm
	- this means that drm attaches wsdisplay1, and it is unable
	  to deal with console input or output.

the workaround is to add these lines to your config:

	no pcdisplay
	no vga0 at isa?

which avoids wsdisplay0 not being owned by drm.

the real solution is still unknown.  perhaps, simply removing the
old setup by default?  i don't know what it is necessary for on
older pc systems.  perhaps some changes to wsdisplay for it to
recognise some devices are the same, or to force vga@isa or
pcdisplay to not attach when drm will attach at the PCI location.


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