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Re: bin/48843: sh(1): break/continue/return broken inside dot commands

On 2014-06-02 13:21, Richard Hansen wrote:
>> On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 05:14:26PM -0400, Richard Hansen wrote:
>>> I will bring this up during the next Austin Group teleconference.  We
>>> should be able to get some improved wording in before POSIX Issue 7 TC2
>>> is published (even if that wording is simply "unspecified" or
>>> "implementation defined").  Any input from the NetBSD community would be
>>> appreciated.
>>> The intended behavior of break/continue outside of a loop is also
>>> unclear.  I'll bring that up as well.
> I filed a bug report that will be the basis for discussion during the
> Thursday teleconference (assuming we have time to address this bug):

That bug has been resolved, with the revised text (which will be in
Issue 7 TC2) available here:

We decided to not do anything for Issue 8 at this time, so the behavior
will continue to be unspecified if n is greater than the number of
lexically enclosing loops.  The argument is that the standard has been
this way for 20+ years without any major complaints, so why force
implementations to change their code to support a case that few care about.


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