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re: toolchain/48675: evbarm userland fails to build in current with sources checked out March 21, 2014

>  Some time ago, I was using this tree to build test kernels for macppc,
>  so this is presumably a leftover from that time, but I don't follow
>  why files like this wouldn't be cleaned out. After running "
>  cleandir" again at the top of the tree, I found that the directory in
>  question definitely wasn't being cleaned out. It's:
>  /home/disciple/netbsd-current/src/external/lgpl3/gmp/lib/libgmp/obj
>  I also checked the mpc and mpfr trees to see if they had the same
>  issue, but they don't, only gmp does.
>  Is it expected that users would have to clean out particular assembly
>  or object files manually? Am I doing something fundamentally wrong?

ah, in this case it is expected due to the gmp update.  from UPDATING:

        The GMP sources were updated, and builds will likely fail without
        cleaning their build trees for both tools and in-tree, like below.


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