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Re: toolchain/48630: sun4v support causes sparc/sparc64 build failure on netbsd-5/i386 host

>>> Martin Husemann <> wrote

>  But: I can not reproduce the problem.
>  I tried sparc64--netbsd-as -32 --warn test.s on this file:
>          sethi   %hh(0x1000000000000000ULL), %o2
>          sethi   %hh(1152921504606846976), %o1
>           ret
>  on a 32 bit host, and it creates proper object code without any warning.
>  Now I'm a bit puzzzled.

Try 32-bit only toolchain (sparc--netbsdelf-as), it causes "bignum
invalid" error.

-- Takeshi Nakayama

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