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Re: lib/48478: rendering problem in nanosleep(2)

On Dec 25, 10:25am, Thomas Klausner wrote:
} The following reply was made to PR lib/48478; it has been noted by GNATS.
} From: Thomas Klausner <>
} To: Eric Schnoebelen <>
} Cc: NetBSD bugtracking <>
} Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2013 11:22:43 +0100
}  On Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 09:03:10PM -0600, Eric Schnoebelen wrote:
}  > So, a standard define needs to be created for ``-p1003.1j-2000''
}  > in the file insatlled as /usr/share/tmac/mdoc/doc-syms.
}  > (I'd meant to include the installation file in the original
}  > message.)  The source is in gnu/dist/groff/tmac/doc-syms. I'll
}  > update it on Friday, if no-one beats me too it.
}  When adding symbols for groff, please don't modify dist/*. The correct
}  file is gnu/usr.bin/groff/tmac/mdoc.local. groff is however only used
}  for the roff files we have in the tree, so adding this is rather
}  pointless.
}  Nowadays, the man pages in NetBSD are converted for display using
}  mandoc, so you'll have to add the symbol there. The files for that are
}  external/bsd/mdocml/dist/ and external/bsd/mdocml/dist/,
}  depending on if you want to add a standard or a library, respectively.
}  Please feed any changes to these files upstream; they are very
}  responsive in taking back changes.

     The mandoc change is already upstream.  We just need to update
to the latest version.

}-- End of excerpt from Thomas Klausner

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