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Re: bin/48480: vi seg-fault

On Dec 25,  4:50pm, (Paul Goyette) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: bin/48480: vi seg-fault

|  On Wed, 25 Dec 2013, Paul Goyette wrote:
|  > I've managed to narrow this down a little bit.  The first six lines of the 
|  > sample file I provided have lengths of 22, 2225, 138, 149, 162, and 832805 
|  > (!) bytes.
|  >
|  > Removing all but line #6 failes.  So I am suspecting that there might be a 
|  > problem due to the extremely long line...
|  Additionally, even though line #2 is relatively short, vi still fails to 
|  handle it properly.  It displays a couple of large chunks of the text as 
|  "^@" (ie, NUL) characters.  Using hexdump, I have verified that these 
|  NUL characters are not part of the input file.
|  I have attached the 2215-character input file as well as a cat-and-paste 
|  of the display output.

Hmm, Ok. The only difference is that I have 


in my Makefile. Let me remove that and retry.


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