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re: port-arm/48215: pkg_add fails on recent NetBSD/evbearmv6hf-el current

> | since these binaries are always going to report the same value,
> | i suspect that fixing arm/param.h to report the right value
> | depending on the compiler options would fix the problem without
> | having to patch every program that uses them to use sysctl on
> | netbsd...
> The problem is that some archs with different machine_archs use the
> same toolchain and can't be told apart.

how so?  can't the header file define MACHINE/MACHINE_ARCH based
upon the compiler defines?  eg, from sparc64/param.h:

#ifdef __arch64__
#define _MACHINE        sparc64
#define MACHINE         "sparc64"
#define _MACHINE_ARCH   sparc64
#define MACHINE_ARCH    "sparc64"
#define _MACHINE        sparc
#define MACHINE         "sparc"
#define _MACHINE_ARCH   sparc
#define MACHINE_ARCH    "sparc"


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