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Re: bin/44032 (pppd: proxyarp is not working)

> Although this is supposed to work, why don't you just add a route to the
> host/net that you want to access on your default gateway that points to
> the machine which has the ppp link?

Routing only works if you have a remote PPP peer in a different IP
subnet. Then, you do not need proxyarp, but you need routing.

In this scenario, I have a LAN subnet, called, with the PPP
server address The remote PPP peer dials in via VPN, and picks
up an IP address ( from the LAN subnet. This one requires
working proxyarp. Without proxyarp, LAN hosts cannot reach the remote
PPP peer, as they have a network route for this subnet on their LAN
interface, and won't go to their default gateway.

In a perfect world all WAN connections should use Layer 3 routing.
Actually, the world is not perfect - I cannot change the topology -
and it used to work this way for more than 15 years.

Egerváry Gergely

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