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Re: bin/47701: apropos doesn't work

Agreed that apropos -p is pretty much useless for me, due to all the
ESC codes being displayed. E.g., if TERM=xterm and PAGER=less, apropos
-p usb displays:

ESC[4musbESC[24m (ESC[4m4ESC[24m)       ESC[4mUniversal Serial Bus driverESC[24m
...ESC[1mUSBESC(BESC[m serial adapter uchcom(4) WinChipHead CH341/340 based 
ESC[1mUSBESC(BESC[m serial adapter ucom(4) ESC[1mUSBESC(BESC[m tty support 
ucycom(4) Cypress microcontroller based ESC[1mUSBESC(BESC[m serial adapter 
uftdi(4) FT8U100AX ESC[1mUSBESC(BESC[m serial adapter ugensa(4) 
ESC[1mUSBESC(BESC[m generic serial adapter uhmodem(4) ESC[1mUSBESC(BESC[m...

I think if -p is given, or stdout is not a tty, no terminal control
codes should be output (or perhaps it should do strikeouts using
^H--that's what man/mandoc/groff does).

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