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Re: bin/47701: apropos doesn't work

On 28-Mar-2013 Abhinav Upadhyay wrote:
>  Not possible to get the exact same behaviour as the old apropos, but
>  it is still possible to just perform search in the NAME section (like
>  the old apropos).  You can disable indexing of complete content of man
>  pages by using makemandb -lf, after which apropos automatically will
>  search in the NAME section. However, if there is a demand, I can add
>  an option to apropos itself to just search in the NAME section.

I understand the matching algorithim is different now, that is what it is.  But
what I would like to have, is some env variable, that when switched on, does
the following:

man -k runs apropos -C instead of the new form
man -k returns unlimited matches
man -k does not invoke a pager

This way, I can set the env variable, and get man -k output the way I expect
(ok, prefer) it to look, and not break the new stuff for people who prefer it. 
It will use the new matching algo, but return output in the old format.

I'm not trying to be a no-changenik here, but I prefer the old format, and
would just like to have a setting or something so I can have it back.

Perhaps instead of the above, some env var that sets the arguments sent to
apropos? Then people can tune it for whatever format they prefer. Though I would
like an option added that does unlimited matches without invoking the pager.  I
guess -n 99999 would work. 

Tim Rightnour <>
NetBSD: Free multi-architecture OS
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