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Re: bin/47701: apropos doesn't work

On Mar 29,  1:36am, (Abhinav Upadhyay) 
-- Subject: Re: bin/47701: apropos doesn't work

| Not possible to get the exact same behaviour as the old apropos, but
| it is still possible to just perform search in the NAME section (like
| the old apropos).  You can disable indexing of complete content of man
| pages by using makemandb -lf, after which apropos automatically will
| search in the NAME section. However, if there is a demand, I can add
| an option to apropos itself to just search in the NAME section.

I think that:
1. defaulting to show everything
2. having an option to just show the name
3. having an environment variable to read default options from

Would satisfy most of the "Get of my lawn!" folks.


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