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Re: bin/47577: Mail(1)/mail(1)/mailx(1) gets stuck when current folder becomes accessible

On Feb 18,  2:25pm, ( 
-- Subject: bin/47577: Mail(1)/mail(1)/mailx(1) gets stuck when current folde

| If you open a folder with a relative path, use the cd command to change the 
current working directory, then any action that needs to update the opened 
folder (as opposed to the temporary MBOX; e.g., switching to a different 
folder) will fail and claim that the opened folder is not accessible.
| You need to cd to a path which turns the relative folder path accessible 
again to be able to continue.
| This is just one facet of a basic architectural problem of Berkeley Mail, 
i.e., concurrent deletion of the current folder etc. still bails, but for this 
particular aspect the solution is easy.

I think it is better to canonicalize the name when the name is set? No?


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