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Re: port-xen/47157: No Howto for NetBSD/xen 6.0

On Nov 8, John Nemeth wrote:
>  } The NetBSD 6.0 release announcement mentions new Xen features such as
>  } DomU MP support, but when I go to 
>  } there is no mention of 6.0 at all.
>  } 
>  } A user following the instructions on that page will end up installing
>  } NetBSD 5.0 (not even 5.1) - is that really the recommended release?
>       One, can use a variety of different versions of NetBSD in a DomU,
>  so obviously, one would need to adjust the instructions for the version
>  they want to use.

My primary concern is what NetBSD version to use for the dom0, not the
domU.  The "Installing NetBSD as privileged domain (Dom0)" section of
the HOWTO currently says I should install 5.0.  If 5.0 is indeed the
recommended release to use, I'd like to see an explanation of why that
is the case (in the HOWTO, not in a response to this message), and if
it's not the recommended version, then the HOWTO is just wrong.
Andreas Gustafsson,

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