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Re: lib/47055: libc diagassert issues

On Oct 10,  7:45pm, 
( wrote:
-- Subject: lib/47055: libc diagassert issues

| There are two problems with libc diagassert:
| (1) it calls syslog() blindly, so if an assertion happens in a program
| that hasn't called openlog(), it ends up using uninitialized state in
| syslog.c. The observable effect of this seems to be to issue syslog
| messages with no hostname field; however, it could be (or become,
| without much notice) a good deal worse.

This is a bug. I am fixing and versioning syslog(). Syslog should be
thread-safe, and because of the static hostname (and the initialiazation
of it, it is not).


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