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Re: kern/46402 (LWPs created after exit_lwp() is called can hang the process...)

Greg Oster <> wrote:
> > >  (sorry for the cut'n'paste mess... weekend plans have changed, and
> > > I have to run.. I can attempt to test more over the next days...)
> > 
> > Thanks.  No hurry. :)  Perhaps you could get the output of ps from
> > crash(8) or DDB?  Also, contents of struct proc of that process might
> > be useful.
> I can't explain why, but in another 3 million runs the above was the
> *only* issue encountered.  When I test without the patch, it hangs
> instantly (in the last case, on the first test case).
> It's entirely possible that the t_cond hang was caused by something
> unrelated... and I've been unable to replicate the issue since
> rebooting the machine after the last hang.
> I'd say "Please commit this patch".

Thanks for the testing!  I committed the patch, it fixes few quite clear
problems.  It is possible that you have hit some other corner case.  When
you will have time, could you try the latest kernel on some other machines
where you triggered the problem before?


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