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Re: kern/46929: SD micro in SD adapter does not work

The following reply was made to PR kern/46929; it has been noted by GNATS.

Subject: Re: kern/46929: SD micro in SD adapter does not work
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 07:21:56 -0400

 >  Have actually tried to mount your sd card? I am getting the same
 >  output like you but I can still to mount it as /dev/sd3d in my card
 >  reader (SD card readers usually have several slots and it can be that
 >  your sd card can be attached not to sd0 but to sd1, 2 or 3). Though I
 >  don't know what this output actually means.
 This is a bit strange - i tried again with another SD micro card in my
 adapter. The first time, it was detected as sd0 with the device not ready
 error. The way the slot works is you insert the adapter, it clicks, then
 retreats about 3mm. I decided to shove the adapter all the way in, not letting
 it retreat. It was detected as sd1 on umass1 (so, i suppose that it was also
 showing up as sd0 - i just saw the tail of dmesg). Then, the machine locked
 hard. I had to power cycle it. When it came back up, the device was being
 detected as sd0, but disklabel showed the MSDOS partition on sd0e, instead of
 a 4.2BSD partition on sd0a. I was able to mount sd0e and browse the file
 The only thing that changed was how i was inserting the card. Before,
 i just shoved it in the slot. Then, i was making sure that the card was either
 1) as far down the Z axis as it could go and then 2) as far up the Z axis in
 the slot it could go. Neither seemed to make a difference. There doesn't
 appear to be any internal grooves in the adapter that would allow such an
 insertion. After it was deteced as sd0 with the MSDOS partition on sd0e,
 everything just seemed to work fine. So, i suppose this PR can be closed,
 although the whole procedure was rather strange and also that the machine hard
 locked with the adapter shoved all the way in the slot.

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